"Do you need help with your Office Administration,

Bookkeeping and/or HR?

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or a company I can help".

​With over 30 years’ experience as a confidential Personal Assistant with excellent Office Management skills.  Work produced is of a high standard, with a positive attitude and flexible approach you can be assured of your requirements being met. 

With this work experience, I can offer you a bespoke virtual management service using my own initiative.

Benefits of using Virtual Personal Assistants/ Bookkeepers –

Contracting a virtual bookkeeper can profit your business in several ways, including:

  • Cost savings: Since a virtual P.A./Bookkeeper isn't, in fact, a representative of your organization, you aren't required to cover finance charges, give them a work-space, or offer advantages like healthcare etc. Better yet, you only pay them for the hours they work, whereas a full-time P.A./bookkeeper can cost you a substantial amount per month, plus the cost of benefits/perks.

  • Error decrease: Even if you’re skilled at bookkeeping, you probably don’t have time to ensure that all accounting tasks are performed correctly. Since some small businesses fail due to cash flow issues, neglecting day-to-day accounting responsibilities can have serious consequences. Hiring a P.A./Bookkeeper to focus explicitly on routine accounting tasks can reduce unintentional errors due to multitasking.

  • More opportunity to do what you excel at: With everyday money related administration expelled from your plan for the day, you can focus on the things that make your business a success — and utilize those aptitudes to develop your organization


​Why use a virtual P.A./Bookkeeper?


  • You don't want the expense of a P.A./Bookkeeper on your payroll

  • You require maternity cover for a staff member, to manage seasonal work-load or to replace someone who has left your employment

  • You want to adapt your current process and reduce staffing costs

Geographical areas I can offer my services in.

Located in Central Scotland, I can visit offices within 50 miles of Linlithgow, West

Lothian and Edinburgh.

Also, being a virtual Personal Assistant/Bookkeeper using today's technology I can offer my services within the U.K.

  • PA

  • Bookkeeper

  • HR


During the 11 years I worked with Andrina, I found her work to be of a consistently high standard.  She is a competent PA with exceptional IT skills


Eileen Blackburn,

Principal Edinburgh Partner, French Duncan